Thursday, October 16, 2014

New England Spotlight: The Bold - Gotta Get Some

"Gotta get some. Yeah baby!" We're back for more of our battle of the bands in New England.

The year is 1966. The town is Springfield, Massachusetts. Four college kids living in nearby Amherst stride into a studio and spew onto wax their love of college girls, sexual voyeurism, and the need to let it erupt. The song is the very boldly titled Gotta Get Some and the band call themselves, what else, The Bold. A pretty cool and different sounding name in their day. The bold result of this trip to Springfield is one of the best garage rock songs to ever come out of the holy grail year of 1966. Snarly vocals, fuzzed out guitar and an incessant 4/4 rhythm back up some of the best sexual gratification lyrics you will ever hear.
"Gotta get some. (Yeah baby).

Sitting in class, waiting for time to pass
I'm eyeing some girl and getting mad at the world
When I'm out for the day, I meet some nice thing on the way
I said "if you're free come along with me"

(When I get too close and the feeling comes over me)
Gotta Get Some!

On the beach when it's just out of reach
All the girls gather round, you know they're digging my sound
Holding hands in the sand, getting wet, getting tan
I'm so ready to go my mind's gonna blow

(When I get too close and the feeling comes over me)
I Gotta Get Some!

In the night when the feeling is right
And the band is playing you know they are out of sight
I'm dancing with my girl and we're both uptight
you know it can't be wrong the way she turns me on.

(When I get too close and the feeling comes over me)
I Gotta Have My!

After hours when we're hanging around
digging sounds, and crowded pathways, said somebody's tired
well it's too late for home, I know I ought to phone
what can anybody say when you're feeling this way?

(When I get too close and the feeling comes over me)
I Gotta Get Some!

Yeah baby, yeah.

Yeah, I gotta get some!


  1. This is really a pretty unusual tune with three distinct sections that sort of alternate. The guitar leads are sweet as is that ending.

    1. I agree. I'd also add the lyrics are rather Dylan inspired.

    2. Don't listen to that guy, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

  2. What a rippin' ditty! As soon as the first verse began I knew I recognized the song but I don't think I ever heard this original version. Can't recall if the cover I heard was from the Bold's era or a more recent vintage. REgardless, thanks for reminding me of this great tune.

  3. The Fuzztones covered this (poorly). You may know it from that Mr. geebeezer.

  4. BINGO! The Fuzztones. You are a wise man Morgan. Yes, that was the version I had heard. I just listened to it on the y'tube, while it may not have quite the panache of the original, I don't dislike the Fuzztones version. (Better than their version of "1-2-5" in my estimation.) I'm curious, do you have a overarching dislike for the Fuzztones/Protrudi? I'm not calling you out, I think I could understand such a stance. I like 'em, but I know they might ruffle some folks feathers.

  5. I have nothing against the Fuzztones and even had their bitchin logo painted on my bitchin leather jacket (which, I still have). I think they tended towards the comic book side of the music genre and often went over the top in their interpretations of other band's songs. I HAD a single of theirs that I loved. Bad News Travels Fast and some other good song. I wish I had that one back.

  6. Heard it first on Pebbles vol.9, one of my favs.