Tuesday, September 2, 2014

006 - Like What, Me Worry?

The cleverly named 006 hailed from the Chicago area and released one single on the local Harlequin Records label in April of 1966. That record, Like What, Me Worry?, was picked up for national distribution by the girl-group-centric Red Bird Records a month later. Their presence on Red Bird Records -- which released a lot of songs by professional composers in the Brill Building -- led to speculation that the band was a studio creation. But they weren't. They were a sextet made up of some Beach Boys looking lads. Doc Watson (not THAT Doc Watson) was on lead vocals, Ray Fowler on second vocals, John Kielnik on guitar and organ, Dennis Rezendes on lead guitar, Ted Byczek on drums and Jimmy Flowers on bass.

Like what, Me Worry? tells the tale of a proud loner who is down with being a lone wolf who has comfortably embraced his tough-guy persona. I have no idea who the composer is, other than the E. Wenzlaff credit. Doc Watson lays down some perfectly defiant and flippant vocals for the song. Let's let the lyrics to Like What, Me Worry? by 006 do the rest of the talking for us.

Like what me worry, ha ha ha

You never ever see me walkin' round
Crying over a broken heart
'Cause I made up my mind a long time ago
That I'm a loner from the start
You never see me gettin' all busted up
And worrying my pretty little head
Like man I know where I'm sleeping tonight
Cause I already done made my bed

Like what me worry, ha ha ha
Oh man, you just ain't a threat.

I ain't got no gal I ain't got no pal
That's ever going to cheat on me
I always maintain a very clear head
And nothing ever troubles me
Like man I got my very own cloud
And Im always flying high
But I'll tear that silver lining right out of you
If you mess around in my sky

Like what me worry, ha ha ha
like man you just ain't digging
Up a little baby, come on. yeah!

If I were you I'd march straight ahead
And tape up my big mouth
If you don't your eyes will be headin' north
And your nose will be headin' south
If you think of stirrin' up some action baby
Cause your life is gettin' sorta dull
Then I'll take a deep breath and I'll huff and I'll puff
And I'll blow you right outta your skull

Like what me worry, ha ha ha
oh man you going to be a hairy mess, yeah!

So if you gotta pray and you gotta sing
You better pray and get it sung
Cause there's gonna be an empty place
Where all your teeth once hung
I'm gonna sock your ribs
And stomp your toes
And give your neck a crack
And I'll break every bone individually
In your sacroiliac

Like what me worry, ha ha ha
oh man, you going to be a sorry sumpin'
If you say one more thing about me
When you open up your big mouth
I'll put my hand in there and grab your toes
And turn you inside out
I'm gonna tie you into a great big knot
And throw you onto the floor
Gonna stomp on and pulverize you
Till you ain't no more

Like what me worry, ha ha ha
oh man you ain't suckering nobody

I'm going to take you out to the back alley
and give you a couple of lessons on how to jam, 
man, you know, how to defend yourself against bad things
guns and knives and slashing all the hairy skin, and...

Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. This tune kicks ass real hard. Somehow reminds me on The Monks. Great opening riff sounds like 70's punk rock. Stuff like this never gets old. Like What, Me Worry? ha ha haaa... Dig!

    1. it does. Almost a Joe Meek production with those female back up vocals.

  2. When are people going to realize that DIVSHARE SUX? It continuously prompts for a download update without releasing the mp3 for download. Can this please be fixedated?

    This would be a great time to upgrade your posts to "Zippy"...

    1. I'd love to find a new music player that performs well on mobile devices and is easy to share. Soundcloud is good but copyright software and limited space are a major hindrance. I keep waiting for one of these great HTML5 music players but am yet to find one that fits the bill.

  3. ZIPPYSHARE, anyways, thanx for all here you do.

  4. "E. Wenzlaff" is most likely Erwin "Dutch" Wenzlaff, an important figure in 60s rock and roll from Chicago.


  5. :) I used to hang out with jimmy flowers(like 35 years ago), he had great stories and insights on the music biz in that era, and though I don't remember the labels, he had other 006 and studio session work 45 rpm discs. He moved away, and we lost touch. Can't tell you how many times I've missed that cat over the years.

  6. Unfortunately Jim Flowers passed away in 2016. He will be missed
    From Fred Broderick

  7. I lived in the same neighborhood as the 006. They were all so cool and all very nice. Doc Watson died a few years ago and as mentioned Jimmy died last year. Ted is still around as is John. They recorded another record around that time. I can't remember the name. Too bad they didn't make it, they sounded great.