Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Uniques - Tell Me What To Do

Back in May of 2013 we featured a record by an Arkansas group called The 5x5 (aka The Five by Five) and their excellent recording of Tell Me What To Do for Paula Records. We've re-posted that so it now appears directly under this post. Today we turn to The Uniques doing Tell Me What To Do

The Uniques, based out of Shreveport, Louisiana, were led by Joe Stampley. The young Stampley, in addition to his job as leader of The Uniques, worked as a house producer for Paula Records. Not only did he produce The 5x5 version of Tell Me What To Do, but he also wrote it. The Uniques released the Stampley composition in April of 1966, almost a full year before The 5x5 put their stamp on it. It was the Flip-Side of their 5th single. This version features far more guitar work than does The 5x5 version. 

You can now listen to both back to back and let us know which you like better.
Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. Lovely song and both equally great versions. I think I prefer Stampley's vocals but James Dollar's are perfectly fine too. I don't pick up any guitar at all in the 5x5 version: just organ, piano, bass and drums?

    Digging the moody side of the garage. Have you heard Mick & the Shambles doing Lonely Nights Again?

    1. Very moody. I believe I heard the Mick and The Shambles at your house. But don't recall it. Maybe you can post for us in the next day or so.

    2. Guitar lead in the opening of the 5x5 version.

  2. I'm going with the Uniques on this one. Maybe it's Stampley's vocals, maybe it's the guitar? Not sure, I just like it!