Thursday, August 21, 2014

Busker Days: Trevor West - I Have To Smile

I had to smile after I walked away from Trevor West and our recording session at Montgomery BART. He was great to hang out with and new to the station. In fact, this was his first busker outing ever. So I felt lucky. We recorded several songs, two originals and one a cover of a song by a certain artist / wife, and I enjoyed them all. This one - the first recording we made - is loosely based on a Frank O'Hara poem and is called I Have To Smile. Trevor comes to us from Morro Bay, a town somewhat south of the Bay Area along the coast, and I'm glad he made the journey and I hope he gets the exposure he deserves. Enjoy.

See you on the Flip-Side!

1 comment:

  1. Most excellent. I love the 1920s crooner style with some jazzy work going on. Most excellent indeed. Quite the first outing for Trevor.