Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Song of the Week: The Seeds - Faded Picture

The Seeds can really divide people. Some love the very American, very amateur wheezy sound of The Seeds. Others just can't stand Sky Saxon's vocals and repetitive composition style. Let alone his lyrics celebrating flowers and farmers and, well, all things agrarian. Me? I love it.

Just like yesterday, we are going to dig deep into an LP and pull a largely overlooked song off of it. Also like yesterday, we are going to feature a song from a sophomore album. In this case we are dealing with The Seeds October 1966 release on GNP Crescendo, A Web Of Sound. The song is A Faded Picture. The 5:20 song was written by Sky Saxon and keyboardist, Darryl Hooper. You can't tell me this song, with it's lyrical imagery of days gone past and delicate electric piano mixed with a spooky organ solo wasn't a huge influence on The Doors.

Jan Savage is on guitar and Rick Andridge on drums. Marcus Tybalt (aka Sky Saxon) produced the number. Behind maybe only The Byrds and The Chocolate Watchband, it was tough to find a cooler looking band.

Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. Great Post Morgan. I love the Doors comparison on this tune. I always wondered if Darryl Hooper and Ray Manzarek ever hung out and talked keyboards while walking down the Sunset Strip on their way to a double-billing show. Who influenced who? Was their mutual appreciation? I also agree besides The Byrds and Choc.WB, The Seeds were among the coolest looking groups. I mean, who else was brave enough to wear giraffe-pattern pants!?

  2. I'm one of those that kind of lost interest in The Seeds. I used to really love the first album too, played it all the time. I like to think that could change and I like the open feel of this song.

    Good call with the influence on the Doors, though the Doors were already on the scene. That piano makes me think of Riders On The Storm. I would also guess that the overall badness of Sky appealed to Morrison.

    1. Yeah, The Doors were on the scene, but had not recorded yet. They recorded their debut album in one week in August of 1966.The Seeds released their first two singles in 1965 and their debut album in April of 1966.

    2. Right, The Seeds, Byrds and Love were all making it big before The Doors. So I still would love to know what Ray Manzerek thought of The Seeds and Darryl Hooper. There are a few fairly recent videos of Darryl Hooper on YouTube tutoring a kid on the piano! I think I love The Seeds kind of like I love The Ramones. They both had one basic style they capitalized on for all it's worth.