Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Song of the Week: The Kaleidoscope - I Found Out

We hope you had a good Memorial Day (for those of us in the States). We hit you this fresh Tuesday morning with a song from The Kaleidoscope (the US one, not the two UK bands of the same name). The Kaleidoscope were Solomon Feldthouse, Chris Darrow, Chester Crill, John Vidican, and the extremely talented, David Lindley. Today's SotW was released on October 13 of 1967 on Epic Records, just three days after my birth.  It also appeared as the lead-off song on The Kaleidoscope's second album, A Beacon From Mars, released in '68. The song is the sublime, I Found Out. To this listener the song really takes flight when Lindley (in the polka dot shirt in the pic below) gets a chance to show off his unique phrasing on the lead. 

We hope you enjoy it and we'll see you next time On the Flip-Side!

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