Friday, May 17, 2013

Song Of The Week: The Wig/Wags -- I'm On My Way Down The Road

The other week we highlighted a GREAT garage record from the 5x5, a Magnolia, Arkansas band who released Tell Me What To Do in March of 1967 on Paula Records. Today we move about 45 miles up the road to the small town of Hope, Arkansas where we find The Wig/Wags making their onlyiest single for Sama Records. This record is listed as 1002, suggesting their was another release on Sama, but I can't find what it would be. Yep, we've now featured two 60s garage bands from the "Natural State", Arkansas. That's just how dedicated we are to scanning the globe for you to enjoy good music. 

I first heard this record on the excellent Pebbles Vol. 10 comp. More recently I found a very brief interview with the singer of The Wig/Wags, Steve Orak, which filled in a lot of information. That interview can be viewed at Turn Me On, Dead Man. From that interview we now know that Steve Orak was on rhythm and vocals, Johnson Perry was on lead, and two brothers, Gary and Paul Rinati were on drum and bass respectively. Not much more known. The songwriting credit goes to a cat named "Robinson", not sure who that is. Hopefully members of the band will find us and add a little more information to this much sought after record. And one has to wonder...Hope, Arkansas. 1966. Hope's own Bill Clinton would have been about 20 when this record came out. He must have gone to high school with the hep-cats. You think he ever saw The Wig/Wags in concert? Maybe sat in with them and added a little saxophone for their Motown covers? Since we've met him a few times, we can just email him and ask if he knows more about the band. 

Enjoy the 2:10 of adrenaline and, until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. LOL! Any word from the President yet?

    1. Not yet. He's a busy man, you know. But we're tight. It'll happen soon. Real soon.