Friday, March 22, 2013

San Jose Suite: The Harbinger Complex - Time To Kill

Our final day of the San Jose Suite has us crossing the city line into neighboring town, Fremont, California. Cheating, I know. But we're talking about the world's shortest drive on the 880.

The Harbinger Complex were made up of Jim Hockstaff, Ron Rotarius, Robert Hoyle, Jim Redding, and Gary Clarke. The band put out two singles on local labels and two more songs on a bay area compilation called A Pot of Flowers. Today's song, A Time To Kill, which already received a link from us in an excellent Chesterfield Kings article written by Jack Hayden for this site, was on that compilation. It's a funky little song with a palpable Byrds influence.

The very understated Time To Kill, written by Hosckstaff and Hoyle, allegedly touches on some of the thoughts Hoyle experienced upon his return from Vietnam.

Enjoy our final day's salute to San Jose (and just slightly beyond) bands.


  1. I saw these guys in Oakland once. They were pretty good. Did any of them do anything else? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Honestly, I know nothing of the actions of the members of the band other than: Mr. Hoyle appears to have passed away at a relatively young age and his daughter runs a FB appreciation page.

    Mr. Hockstaff recently gave a very brief interview on this web page:

    What year did you see them and where?

  3. I played with Bob Hoyle in the band 'Helix' that was right after the Harbinger Complex. In fact, Ron Rotarius was in the band too at first and we still used the Harbinger Complex name for a few months.....Helix played all around the Bay Area from 1969 to around 1974 with members: Bob Hoyle, lead guitar/vocals.... Bill Remington lead guitar /vocals....Roger Corboy Drums/vocals....and me, Jack Crownover Bass Guitar/vocals....we played lots and lots of gigs and had a blast doing it!