Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Original Song Project: Jeff Stovall - Revolution And Insomnia and Down Around

You might recall a previous installment of this project featuring a song by The Dirt Floor entitled San Joaquin.  The author of that song, Jeff Stovall, is our featured singer songwriter today. In between milking goats and pruning old ornery apple trees on his property in Willits, California, Jeff has been putting together some demos for a solo project. Today we have a couple of the demos written and performed by Jeff and presented here for your listening pleasure.  Us flipsiders are diggin' it!

Enjoy and, as always, feel free to comment.

Revolution and Insomnia

Down Around

You may listen to other OSP posts by clicking on the link at the Jump Station at right.  If you have some original material you think might be a good fit for Flip-side, just forward your recording to flip west or flip central and we'll get on back to you.


  1. Those are both quite fine. I'm particularly drawn to Down Around. I'd love to hear it with a baritone vocal harmony joining you on the "down around the time you came on" parts. It reminds me of Gene Clark's solo stuff. Particularly this languid song.

    More thoughts later. Thanks for sharing.

  2. And do I hear a tiny, little bit of Jack-Ass in Down Around?

  3. if any of it is ripped off it is stolen from middle brother. i had just heard a track off their first album when i started having ideas about the song. i don't remember which song it was. thanks for your comments.

  4. It's always a very, very fine line between "ripped off" and "inspired by...". See the Led Zeppelin posts on this site. :)

    These are both great. Please keep them coming Jeff. I wouldn't mine hearing a little harmonica and the aforementioned baritone harmony on Down Around. Let us know how the album comes along.

    1. and to be clear, i didn't mean to imply a rip off or anything close to that, i was just playing off of your comment. :)