Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Song of the Week: The Zombies - Walking In The Sun

For our second foray into the world of The Zombies, we focus on a song that didn't see the light of day when The Zombies actually existed as a real band. The song is Walking In The Sun and it was apparently written in '64, recorded in '65 and then never released. After the Zombies had disbanded in frustration over the lack of interest in their high quality product, they found themselves in an unusual position. That being, The Zombies had a posthumous hit in Time Of The Season. Suddenly the record company wanted another album. The thought was to throw some songs together which Rod Argent was working on and mix and match with whatever else was in the vaults. It was to be called Zombies R.I.P. That album never happened, but thankfully, some of those songs, of which Walking In The Sun is one, made their way onto poorly packaged compilations. Enjoy here the high quality stereo mix with overdubs as it appeared on the must-have box set, Zombie Heaven


  1. I always thought this was a later composition, as it seems in the mold of Odessey and Oracle. I'm amazed that it came in '65. But then again Odessey wasn't that far around the corner.

  2. When I unpack my Zombies box set I'll read up on it. It has strings overdubs. I bet the original backing track and vocals were done in '65 and then the strings etc. were added at a time closer to the O&O sessions. Just guessing.