Monday, October 1, 2012

Song of the Week: The Lively Ones - Surf Rider

From 1963, The Lively Ones perform Surf Rider. The Lively Ones were a SoCal band that recorded for Del-Fi Records, Dick Dale's label. A fact that I did not know until I started to write this, Surf Rider was actually written by The Ventures' Nokie Edwards, one of my all time favorite guitarists. Helps explain why this song is so dang perfect. The hep cats among us may recognize this song as the outro number to Pulp Fiction. 



  1. Lovely vibe to that tune. Groovy ending too. Just peters out like a well-ridden wave.

  2. Your comments are writhing with sexual innuendo.

  3. Dick Dale was never on Del-Fi... he was on his father's label - Deltone before signing to Capitol.

    1. Sheesh. what a brain blip. I don't know why the hell I wrote that because I really do know what label Dick Dale was on and I do know that Deltone and Del-Fi are different. Thanks for the heads up, Anon.