Thursday, July 19, 2012

Video Diary: Richard & The Young Lions - Open Up Your Door

From Newark, New Jersey, we have Richard & The Young Lions. The Young Lions were Richard Tepp, Bob Freedman, Marc lees, Norm Cohen, Ricky Rackin and Jerry Raff. Here they are on a Detroit based show from '66. The group of longhairs put out three nice singles. Open Up Your Door with the flip-side of Once Upon Your Smile was their debut and even came with a nice picture sleeve (see below). Both sides are stellar. The follow up was the less brilliant, Nasty/Lost and Found. And then their third and final release was the excellent You Can Make It/To Have and To Hold. The A-side of their swan song remains my favorite of the six cuts the band ever produced. 


  1. I just realized the bells are featured on You Can Make It, virtually the same song musically as Open Up Your Door. I dig the bells and the cool breaks in You Can Make It.