Thursday, July 12, 2012

Song of the Week: Kempy and The Guardians - Love For A Price

From Oak Cliff, Texas, we present to you today Kempy and The Guardians. The Guardians actually recorded this number, Love For A Price, twice. Both in the fine year of 1966. The first version appeared on the Lucky Sounds Label. In this flipper's opinion it is a fairly anemic version with not much of a lead. Unhappy with their output, the band tried again at a different studio that was more amenable to their sound and under a different label, Romunda Records. Teen guitarist, Dean Brown added the lead on the spot. Here is Dean Brown as interviewed for the website "Beyond The Beat Generation":
"I played on both versions of Love For A Price/Never. At the time of the second recording I had become a big fan of bands like The Yardbirds who had perfected that 'Fuzz Sound'. In addition to my '57 Tele, I played through a Fender Bassman with distortion via my Gibson Maestro Fuzztone."
The other members of the band, in addition to Dean Brown, included: Gary Kempy Rawlings on vocals, Larry Samford on bass, Gary Seals on guitar, and Alan Roth on drums.

Enjoy Kempy and The Guardians' second attempt at Love For A Price.


  1. Loved seeing the Song of the week posting this today. We share out postings we find on Oak Cliff, TX - all news and info of the positive. We shared out your post today. Love the find! If you ever come across more on Oak Cliff, TX music, we are always looking for volunteer bloggers and such for submissions. Hope this finds you doing fabulous! Jennifer Owner, aCommunityAffair Co-Owner, Beware Records & Recording Studio

  2. I've been a rare record collector for years and rarely every hear either of these recordings shown up in any of the circuits that inhabit. I'm surprised it doesn't get more attention. Thank you for sharing with us. Do you own either version?

  3. Hey Marian. Thank you for joining us here. I agree with you that this song is somehow overlooked by garage record enthusiasts. It's not on Mount Garagemore, but it's pretty damn close. I don't own either copy. Don't even know anyone who does. :(

    I hope we'll see more of you here in the future.

  4. I use to work with Gary "Kempy" Rawlings a few years back.

  5. would anyone have the b side "Never"?