Friday, April 30, 2010

Video Diary: The Easybeats, "Sorry"


  1. Great song! Didn't The Three O'Clock out of LA cover this? I think that's how I first heard it.

  2. Great video/Great fun. My garage band in NYC covered "Sorry". I remember nailing it on our first try. I haven't seent his particular video. I dig the gogo dancers!
    THX! Keep em coming!

    Matt @Nitro-Retro

  3. A number one hit in their native Australia. Nevertheless, tracking down a 45 seems to be damn near impossible. The few I've seen listed are being sold for silly money--$50 or more.

    The Three O'Clock did indeed record this song for their "Baroque Hoedown" EP. Both that and full-length "16 Tambourines" still sound great to me.

    Here are the Three O'Clock lip-synching the song on the syndicated, LA based "New Wave dance party" show 'MV3', circa 1983.