Friday, August 28, 2009

Video Diary: The Small Faces, "Talk To You"

This original line up of the Small Faces (pre Rod Stewart and Ron Wood) was one of the most powerful combinations you could find.


  1. Outstanding! Steve Marriott definitely had one of the greatest voices and presences ever. I must admit I have not delved into the Small Faces oeuvre as much as I probably should--I got turned off a bit by some of the "twee dandy-ish" stuff on "Ogdens" (the only album I ever bought), and consequently I've missed out on their tougher sounding material (such as this song). Thanks for reminding me that this is another band I need to re-visit/re-discover.

  2. Jack Hayden is a HUGE fan of Ogden and I have never really got into it. Their earlier hard pounding Mod stuff is just silly great. I think all can agree on that. Their is a double CD of their Decca stuff that is a must have.

  3. Yeah, I definitely think I started with the wrong album, which impaired my ability to investigate further. (Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if I liked Ogdens now. It didn't work for me 20 years ago, but my tastes have changed quite a bit since then.)