Thursday, March 5, 2009

Original Song Project: Morgan Young -- Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

So there I was at a lovely little Christmas party as our hostess spoke humorously about her friend in NY who had received nothing but sex toys from Santa. The subject of our story was apparently quite abuzz at the thought of her cache. My thoughts quickly turned, as most young men's naturally do in this situation, to...Cormac McCarthy. Specifically to a throw away line he has in his book No Country For Old Men in which Lewellyn Moss returns home to his broken down trailer and his lonely wife. The wife starts peppering Llewelyn with questions as to his whereabouts and Llewelyn's off-the-cuff retort (and the general scene in the trailer) fill out the rest of the musical image.

So, with those dual images of sad little trailers in west Texas and Santa bringing a bag of sex toys rattling around my head, I quickly wrote and recorded this little rockabilly song and called it Buzz, Buzz, Buzz. The instruments are a Gibson SJ200 acoustic, Gibson EB2D bass, and a Fender Telecaster equipped with a Bigsby.

I hope you enjoy.


  1. awesome Moggie... rings of Johnny Cash, cocaine blues, some stray cats, yet stands on its own. or, your own! nice visual. reminds me of that Dave Alvin show at Iota: "I done told you to git back in the trailer" and Cormac McCarthy is badass, america's best writer alive...

  2. Hilarious. You paint quite the portrait of the pathetic loser guy with grand aspirations (stand on your head?!) who nonetheless accepts his current predicament and also notices the little things in life. Like that his booze has the same name as his favorite show.

    Nice guitar work and vocals! I particularly like your singing in the chorus (what's that crazy sound?) and the varied sounds you are getting with the guitar. Nice one!

  3. Sun Records at Mile High?

    Very cool. Hard to decipher all the words, but that's how a crazed rockabilly tune oughta be.

  4. Thanks for the kind words.

    Mazz, the words you can't understand are: "mmaubmad nnaog, mmemaom, jjam,a" Got it?

    Regis, I've been playing a lot of Cash so maybe that did come out. Also a lot of Buddy Holly and Scotty Moore.

    Jack, thanks for picking up on those lyrics re: Walker. I must admit, I liked that line. :)

  5. This one might be even more funny, Good job.