Friday, March 13, 2009

Video Diary: The Music Machine, "Talk-Talk"

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  1. Classic track by a seriously underrated 60's garage rock band. Actually, these guys were a cut above mere garage rock bands, particularly with Sean Bonniwell's lyrics:as thoughtful and intelligent as rock lyrics ever get.

    Always loved the drums on this, both the rolls and the way they sounded on the recording--very defined and in your face.

    I saw Sean Bonniwell and some version of The Music Machine back in 1989 at something called the "Psychedelic Summer of Love" show at the Universal Ampitheater here in LA. Arthur Lee and his latest version of Love, featuring a spandex wearing hair metal lead guitarist,also played. So did Sky Saxon and at least two other original Seeds. Big Brother & the Holding Co,minus Janis of course, and The Strawberry Alarm Clock rounded out the bill.

    I recall The Music Machine being brilliant. Sean even wore the one black glove. Sadly,few people seemed to know who they were or cared. I cheered loudly, but I was in the minority. Big Brother and Strawberry A.C. were as you might expect--pretty unexceptional. Arthur Lee was excellent, even with an unsympathetic backing band. He still had the goods. The Seeds were terrible. Sky Saxon was a hippy-dippy goof and it was quite embarrassing.

    Anyway,loved the clip.