Friday, February 6, 2009

The Flip-Side Original Song Project: "Death Ray Explosion Bomb, Are Go!" -- Morgan Young

Here is a 1:43 second ditty entitled Death Ray Explosion Bomb, Are Go! which I recorded a few months back while the kids were in school. Believe it or not, the inspiration for the song was John Lee Hooker's slow, brooding Gin House Blues. It would be pretty difficult to hear that reference now as this has a much more upbeat country feel to it.

The rhythm and lead guitar parts were recorded using a modified Telecaster. The slide was played on a 1950's Kay made Silvertone. The bass part was played on a 1966 Gibson EB2d and the drums were played on my daughter's toy bongos. 


  1. There you go again, ripping off some old blues number! Your song is thrilling exciting and unusual. The song has three segments. The first part is the alien killers scanning the population with their pulsing ray, aptly conveyed by you with the sliding chords and the dorky lead. The second part is the aliens, clearly thrilled and excited by their exploits, carting off to another locale for more death ray action. I can't figure out the lone third segment. What's going on there?

  2. Ah yes, that third part. It subtly conveys the very moment that the Alien Killers, as you so perfectly recognized them, take a break from their destruction and have some Ambrosia Salad and a cup of of Chamomile Tea. You may notice in that third part, the subtle reference to the Chamomile Tea being naturally caffeinated. This fact frustrates the Alien Killers, whom turn their frustration back on the helpless victims and pulverize them with their death ray explosion bomb.

    Good read.

  3. Fun tune. I dig the contrast between the stomping 'verse' and the rollicking 'chorus'--the slide and walking bass are really nice touches. And of course, the Duane Eddy-ish solo.

  4. Thanks for the kind words. Do you play guitar?