Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busker Days: "Never Again", The Human Condition

There's been a busker dry spell recently.  A few new faces coming and going but no new regulars.  What with the recession maybe the goodwill (i.e. dollar bills) has run thin.  But if you are a busker what else is there to do? Go back to work?  Nah!  The good news is, my very low expectations were blown out of the water yesterday.  A four piece string band was playing at Montgomery station (!) and it sounded good.  There were two guitars, one being parlor size, a mandolin and a stand-up bass, no less, and the vocals were harmonizing nicely.  Have you ever heard Old Crow Medicine Show?  It was kind of like that: aggressive old-timey roots sound with compelling song construction and lyrics.
At this point, if you are wondering whether I risked the ire of my wife, currently waiting with two little kids at a dinner party in the East Bay, and walked up to them to see if they were keen on being recorded, well, stop wondering.  The band in question are SF locals The Human Condition and the first song I recorded is an original composition Never Again.  I hope they come on down again.  They were good!

Here's their website if you want more info.  They are playing on St. Patrick's day at the Hotel Utah Saloon.  I'm going if I can.


  1. I'll go on record. This is the best of the bunch of very good field recordings you have made, Jack. I hope The HC have a good turn of fortune and I hope they will appreciate you sharing their music for a few more people to hear. I know I do.

  2. good find. I enjoyed it. fuzz-head-ed

  3. I did go to that show at the saloon. I went with my friend Jamie. I saw the band mulling about and I enjoyed the one act I saw. Sister Grizzly or something. Unfortunately I was called home on account of a report of a ghost dog and missed THC. But hey, they've been spotted a couple times lately at Mong Station, including today. I recorded a couple songs, ones they play back to back live, and ones that if I heard it correctly they have yet to record. Sounded great! Look for them in an upcoming post. Meanwhile THC have a gig at the SF Brewing Company in North Beach on Saturday, no cover Don't miss it!