Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Song of the Week: We The People - You Burn Me Up & Down

The reality is that most of the garage bands who existed in the 60s were nothing more than that, a garage band. Most never got past the garage or maybe a sock hop. A few won a Battle of the Bands competition in their local town or even played their high school dance. Far fewer were lucky enough to cut a solitary 45rpm disc which they could shill at their local malt shop. A few, a very, very few, got signed to a real label and cut more than one single.

Our focus today is one of those rare bands that fall in the latter category. We The People hailed from Orlando, Florida and they were formed in 1965 when members of competing bands merged to form a local "super-group garage band", if you will. That formation brought together Wayne Proctor and Tom Talton who kicked out some very nice songs. Today's SoTW was composed by Talton and appeared as the flip-side (of course it was the flip-side!) of their third single. The song is You Burn Me Up & Down and it's a very unique number with a wonderful slide guitar riff to open the song. Gravely vocals and quizzical and suggestive lyrics make this one of the genre's greatest songs ever. The band went on to cut three decent singles for RCA records before the typical story of Vietnam, college, and rifts led to the band disintegrating. If you get a chance, dig into We The People's seven single discography. Mirror Of Your Mind, When I Arrive, and Follow Me Back To Louisville are all stellar. As is You Burn Me Up & Down and the way cool song, In The Past, which, of course, was covered by The Chocolate Watchband on their album, Inner Mystique.

Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comment section below.


  1. I always get these guys and Mouse and the Traps confused. Both better than the others in their neighborhood I'm sure.

  2. I agree with you about Mouse. Great vocals and great guitar work. Not consistently strong songs, however.