Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Four Just Men - That's My Baby/Things Will Never Be The Same

Back in August we did a nice little Tower Records Spotlight. One of those featured in that two week spotlight was a band called Just Four Men doing their song, There's Not One Thing. Read that post here. We're back today with the same band, but here they are called Four Just Men. This double sider was the Liverpool quartet's debut single, released in the UK in November of 1964 on Parlophone Records. In the states it was released in February of 1965 on Tower Records.

The A-Side was composed by singer Dimitrius Christopholus and guitarist John Kelman. That's My Baby has a wonderful and unique whining guitar riff throughout the song. It lifts the ballad to new levels. The Flip-Side, Things Will Never Be The Same was composed by Christopholus and Kelman and bassist, Lawrence Arendes. The break-neck speed song features more great guitar work from Kelman and a chord transition reminiscent of an early Everly Brothers song. This song would have been prime for a screaming lead, and clocking in at a quick 1:48, would seem they would have had time to stick one in there. Both sides are solid all the way through.
Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!

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