Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Song of the Week: The Next Five - Talk To me Girl

[read the comments section below for some insight from the song's composer and singer, Eric Olson]
 The Next Five hailed from the Milwaukee superb of Brookfield, Wisconsin where the band became a fixture on the local teen scene. The band released three singles between '67 and '69 (one as The Toy Factory) on three different labels.

We share with you today, their second single, released on Wand Records in December of '67. More specifically, we share the Flip-Side of their second single. The song is the infectious pop number, Talk To Me Girl, written by the band's singer Eric Olson. According to one interview I read with Olson, the song was composed and recorded at the studio when they were pressed for another song to accompany their perfectly okay cover of The Shirelles' Mama Said. Eric Olson played the catchy piano part, Steve Thomas on guitar, Gordy Wayne Olski on bass, Mark Buscaglia on organ and Tom Ashbolt Stewart was on drums. 

Eric Olson has his own website chock full-O photos and vids. Check it out here.  It's a good browse with more of their music. We swiped a photo from that site as well as a super 8 movie of the band on stage. How cool is that? Check it out below. 


  1. A lovely pop song, reminiscent of the Left Banke or the Easybeats. Piano over organ? Lovely.

    1. I have to admit, I hadn't picked up on the Piano/Organ combo until I started writing the article. I first heard this on the Pebbles Vol. 10 release from the early 80s. It was the lead-off song to a wonderful comp. The liner notes misidentified the band as hailing from Texas.

    2. Thanks for posting, I believe it was Sky Saxton from the "Seeds" that put together Pebbles Vol.10 which lead to "Next Five" songs being featured on 15 or so other comp. albums.

    3. Welcome Eric - It's great that you joined us here. There is nothing we like more than hearing directly from the songwriters and musicians associated with the songs about which we post. So, without further hesitation, Thank you. "Talk To Me" is a wonderful song that has been on my playlist for many, many years now. And your site with the pics and vid are a great resource.

      Sky Saxon didn't produce the Pebbles Vol 10, however. It is listed as Nigel Strange of Web Of Sound magazine. With "Web of Sound" being a Seeds record, it is easy to see from where the rumors originated. To be honest with you, I'm not convinced Sky Saxon could have organized such a record in 1980!

      According to Mike Stax of Ugly Things magazine, Nigel Strange was a pseudonym for Greg Shaw of Bomp! Magazine and Voxx Records fame. And you are right, it sparked a nice renewal of interest in your finally crafted song.

      Cheers and feel free to tell us more about recording the number or playing in Wisconsin in 66-69.

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  2. Hi Morgan, it's good to know people still have an interest in the music of the 60's. Thanks for posting us as Song of the Week.

  3. What ever happened to Feather, Tom Stewart's band after the Next Five?

  4. This has got to be 60's sexual innuendo at it's finest. He's jingling his keys and the chain in his pocket, so put down your hands and "touch it" and let me hear you say. . .. She never says anything because her mouth is full. It's not polite to talk with your mouth full.

    "I, I walk alone" down a street in the red light zone, so "Talk To Me Girl"!!!

    Hey, where are the lyrics to this??