Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Flip Sides of The Byrds' Singles: Don't Make Waves, Old John Robertson

More on the path less traveled of Byrds singles.
Don't Make Waves
Don't Make Waves appeared on the Flip-Side of Have You Seen Her Face, released on Columbia in May of 1967. For the first time ever, bassist Chris Hillman gets writing credit on both sides of the single. Hillman is the lone composer of the excellent Have You Seen Her Face (which we wrote about almost two years ago here) and he shares credit with Roger McGuinn for the Flip-Side that we feature today. Don't blink, it goes by fast at a cozy 1:36. Apparently David Crosby thought it "a masterpiece" as you can hear at the end of the song.
Lady Friend
This is soooo hard not to share some of these A-Sides. Lady Friend, a non-lp number composed and sung by David Crosby is a real great gem with harmonies reminiscent of the best work by the Beach Boys. The Flip-Side is an odd number composed by McGuinn and Hillman called Old John Robertson.  Mcguinn takes the lead and we even get a funky little string concerto break down in the middle. All in 1:50.

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