Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Song of the Week: The Bootleggers (w/Emmylou Harris) - Cosmonaut

From the 2012 film, Lawless, we have here a lovely little song called Cosmonaut. The song was written by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (of The Bad Seeds fame. The Australian 80s era band, not the 60s Texas band). It should be noted that Nick Cave also wrote the screenplay for the film. The song is credited to The Bootleggers, which I believe to be a collective for this movie project, and features the wispy and gentle vocals of Miss Emmylou Harris. She's received a lot of love from us in the past and she makes her 3rd appearance here at On The Flip-Side. She can be found on this Gram Parsons post and on this The Band post. That may be a record. Go figure.

I hope you enjoy this gentle ramble.


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