Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Song Of The Week: Phil and The Frantics - Say That You Will

Here we have the flip-side to yesterday's post. I couldn't not post this excellent song after talking about what a killer two-sided single this record made. Say That You Will is filled with quirkiness. Every aspect of the song: the saxophone, the chuncka-chunka incessant lead work and the funky little stutter stop organ breaks -- first heard at :25 -- are just wickedly quirky. Everything, EVERYTHING, about this record is excellent. So, which song do you like better? Say That You Will or the flip, Till You Get What You Want? Let us know below. Oh, say that you will.


  1. Say That You Will is probably one my favourite songs of all time! Together with "Sad Dark Eyes" by the Loved Ones, the best two garage psych songs from the 1960's

    1. I can't argue with that. I love Say That You Will, even more than the Sonic's Cinderella. (I know, non-sequitor, but sometimes you have to make a decision.) Didn't know that Loved Ones tune. Thanks for the tip. Has a kind of For Your Love vibe to it. This one is cool too: