Monday, June 4, 2012

Video Diary: Alan Price Set - I Put A Spell On You

Alan Price didn't last all that long as the Animals organist, arranger and lead composer. Anxiety over traveling, exhaustion and, as is shown in the Bob Dylan documentary, Don't Look Back, Price's search for a few answers inside a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale led to his exit from the chart topping Animals. He went out on his own in the Spring of 1965. He didn't sell too many records, and, to be honest, his output was spotty. But when he was on, as he was here, it was a remarkable thing to hear. 


  1. Bought this on 45rpm back in the day; wonderful, never understood why it didn't get more play in N, America.

    1. Nice. Small label, unknown artist. A little jazzy could all be reasons.

      here is a link to an article on the record and download ability.

      Thanks for stopping by. Make it a habit please.