Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Busker Days: Brough Brothers "Michigan Wind"

Just like any other part of my life the music I listen to is always changing. The same is true with my busker experience - no more Jessie 'Cash', haven't seen Gospel Earl in too long and, dang, where's The Human Condition? It could be the result of my new patterns, coming into work later as a result of the new kindergarten schedule, and thus leaving a little later too. I don't know. I have seen a few old faces from time to time, including Eric of my original post that I had to take down due to his personal concerns. Don't get me wrong I do see plenty of new stuff around. Just last week I saw a trio electrified and rockin' it on Market, the highlight being the drummer's bass drum comprising of an old hardshell suitcase with a kick drum attached. I also recorded TT Fingers on Market recently doing Elmore James. He's missing a hand and several fingers on the other hand and playing a homemade lap steel. Stick around for that one later.

For now, it's the Brough Brothers doing a song written by guitarist, harpist and vocalist Brian called Michigan Wind. Yes, this is Flip-Side favorites Zack Brough and Brian Byrnes (minus the other member of the Brough Brothers, Zack's brother Josh) - you can listen to previous busker posts featuring these guys here and here. Enjoy!


  1. They do remain my fave of any you have recorded. Clear vocals, harmonies, good lyrics and well thought out song structure. This is great. Thanks for taking them out of Montgomery Bart and letting us here them.

  2. Being new to this I have 2 comments to this old post:

    1. I agree with Morgan that guys voice is stunning.
    2. Where's the TT Fingers?

  3. Jim, thanks for stopping in. And thanks for the reminder about TT Fingers. It was recorded on the street, so there may have been some problem with acoustics or some other issue. I remember going down a couple times soon after to try to get another recording but I didn't see him. Lot of luck involved in getting a good busker recording. That said, I'll pull up that recording and give it another listen. Cheers!