Monday, July 18, 2011

Song of the Week: "Mr. Pharmacist", The Other Half

Los Angeles 1966. I would have loved to been there at that time. Love, Byrds, Doors, Chocolate Watchband, Standells, Sons of Adam all playing the strip. Add to that, The Other Half. Here they are doing their original, Mr. Pharmacist. Jeff Nolan, the singer, wrote the song, Randy Holden doing the great guitar work.


  1. I love this! Great proto-Stooges stomp that transitions seamlessly into the hyperkinetic middle section. Awesome guitar and harp. I had to look up Randy Holden, the named sounded familiar, and I see he was in Blue Cheer for a time. Must be where I heard the name before.

  2. I just picked this record up a couple of days ago at a store in Santa Rosa, CA. Pretty damn great record.