Friday, March 4, 2011

Video Diary: Mod Mash Up


  1. That's a nice lineup. The winners are The Who's stage performance and The Small Face's on the show. Guess Pete's guitar malfunctioned - he just tosses it - and Roger messes with the cymbals with his mic stand, taunting Keith it would seem. As always, amazed by Steve Marriot's stage presence and vocals and Ronnie Lane too. Some great moments.

    Don't know much about The Sorrows...

  2. It's all good. The Sorrows are worth seeking out. I think they are from Coventry (home of the Specials) and migrated to Italy. I have some of their stuff on Pye Records. I'm really struck by the quality of the singer.

  3. I agree. The Sorrows are worth it. That clip is the third of four from a show in Germay and is a great one in its own right. After watching the others I realize I've heard them before but never put a name to them. They are fantastic, all of them. I find the last one "Let Me In" to be brilliant, especially the intro, and well worth checking out. And you are right about the singer, he's amazing.