Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busker Days: The Baron Vines, "Sierra Girl"

Today's recording was made a couple mornings ago at the Montgomery BART station. It was my third attempt at getting a good recording of the Baron Vines, a quartet that includes Zack on vocals and standup bass, Brian on vocals (he's on harmony on this one), guitar and harmonica, Zack's brother on banjo and Phil on drums. Zack and Brian can be heard on a previous post playing Hard Times here. I've yet to see Zack's brother but I've heard several of his compositions, including Hard Times and this weeks song, Sierra Girl. Enjoy!

Sierra Girl

I was born outside of Salt Lake City in the year of '17
Just another blue-eyed son in the Mormon family tree
And my old man drank moonshine whiskey when my mama went out to pray
And God bless all my brothers and sisters but I had to go away

Heading out in the morning
Heading out in the pouring rain
As the train rolls by the Truckee River
I'm looking for my Sierra girl

So I set out to west Nevada, to my grandpa's cattle ranch
Spent my days riding fences, gave my cowboy life a chance
Then I shipped out in the 2nd war, fighting in the Guadalcanal
Lord knows I had some real hard times, but I won't talk about it anyhow

I spent some time out in Reno, oh to drink away my pain
I lost everything I own in a five card poker game
And headed for Californ-i-a, lookin' to settle down
Riding in the Sierra wind, pull into Truckee town

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