Sunday, July 7, 2013

Song of the Week: Solomon Burke -- Keep Looking

Burke never attained the ubiquitous success of his label mates, Otis Redding or Aretha Franklin nor the chart success of people like Ben E. King. Burke was, however, hugely influential on fellow musicians who were attracted to his powerful and personal vocals and his ability to span country, gospel and soul effortlessly and convincingly. The Rolling Stones made it an early habit to cover Burke songs (Cry To Me, It's All Right, If You Need Me). The Pretty Things also did a wonderful version of Cry To Me. The Blues Brothers covered Everybody Needs Somebody to Love and The Zombies did a great version of Burke's Can't Nobody Love You. And a little known band with connections to the Rolling Stones, The Artwoods (can anybody make that connection?), did a killer cover of today's SOTW, Keep Looking. My 1966 Atlantic Records 45rpm of this song is a bit fuzzy and crackly, but I think Burke still sounds damn good. Enjoy the late, great Solomon Burke performing Keep Looking.

Oh yeah...we have written articles on, and posted audio from The Rolling Stones, The Zombies, The Pretty Things, and, Burke's fellow Philadelphian and Bert Berns protege, Garnett Mimms. Search in the upper left corner for articles on all these acts.


  1. Fantastic song. I recall you putting this crackly 45 on a mix tape you made for me back in the late 80's.I think still have that tape somewhere. I eventually found a 45 of this myself.

    BTW,the Artwoods were led by one Art Wood, the brother of Ronnie Wood of the Birds, (briefly) the Creation, The Jeff Beck Group,the Faces and, of course, the Rolling Stones. Artwoods also had John Lord (later of Deep Purple) as their keyboard player.

  2. Well played Mr. JBC-15. You win the free ice cream. We'll put it in the mail for you tomorrow.