Monday, August 16, 2010

Original Song Project: "Vague Memories", The Itinerants

Hello again flip-side. We are back. We are The Itinerants. Remember? You remember us maybe from the last song you published for us last year on your web page? That song was God's Crooked Smile, a song about a Godless killer who sinned and is now looking at a reckoning. We were real pleased with the words we got back from that song. Thanks.

Here is a new song that my brother, Jeremiah McCloskey, wrote and does the singing on. The song is called Vague Memories and is about our growing up in the hills in Omanik Maod, Georgia where we now have our Pentecostal church that we are real proud of. This song was recorded in the church and has the same music players as the last song. Jeremiah plays acoustic guitar and harmonica. I play some other stuff and Mrs. Kay plays bass. Our drummer didn't show up this day.

I hope your listeners might find their way to our church and join us for a song on a Sunday. One showed up not long after our last song was published. But he smoked so we had to ask him to leave. So if you show up this time, don't smoke. Or don't drink none neither.

With respect and God's love, Hollerin' Hank!


  1. Hank - you and Jeremiah have done it again. This is a very beautiful song with a nice nostalgic feel that deftly defies sappiness. The interplay on guitar between you and your brother is brilliant. The harmonica is perfect. Did Jeremiah play the harp from a rack while playing guitar? It sounds like a straight harp to me. Am I right? I note that what I might call the bridge ("faded pictures of the past...") comes as the last verse of the song. Brilliant. It shakes it up at such an unexpected time. How did you decide to place it there?

    Do we get treated to any more of your songs in the future. I noted that God's Crooked Smile is almost a year old. I hope we don't have to wait another year for The Itinerants unique recordings.


  2. Hollerin' HankAugust 17, 2010 at 10:24 AM

    Thanks Morgan. To answer your questions: Jeremiah does play from a rack sometimes, but this time he was sitting down. We put the bridge at the end because it seemed to sum it all up. It was my idea. We are working on some new songs. Jeremiah has one about the creek here with dulcimer, banjo and some washboard. We'll drop on by again.

  3. A question for Jeremiah... (though, I reckon for Hank as well):

    Is this your first attempt at secular songs?

    Thanks in advance for answering-
    a fan

  4. jeremiah mccloskeyAugust 18, 2010 at 3:38 PM

    no. we dont make no songs without God. this ain't no secular song either. there aint nothing without God. that goes for this song two.

  5. Very nice work Hank! The way you and your brother harmonize I'd guess you must be twins.

  6. That's an instant classic. "Faded pictures of the past they just flutter free. Broken frames and broken glass of the way things used to be. Rust thoughts of what I am and how we used to be." I love it.