Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Song of the Week: "Bouncin' With Red", Piano Red

Listen - Piano Red performs Bouncin' With Red.

We are late. Yes, we know that we are supposed to publish our SOTW on Monday AM, bright and early. But Mr. Flip-Side just had one of those days. This one isn't much better. But the little voices that flitter through our heads late at night said, "Flipster" (the voices like to call me flipster), "you have at least three adoring fans out there who are just waiting for that SOTW that helps them get through a day like a cup of joe in the morning." The voices are right. We have betrayed you and we are here today to make it up to all three of you.

Without further wait, the flipsters present to you, the adoring public, our SOTW. It comes from Atlanta, Georgia and was recorded in the Spring of 1951 by the song's composer, Piano Red. The song is the instrumental, Bouncin' with Red, and we think you'll agree, it is one fun rollicking number that predates the dawn of the term Rock-n-Roll by a good 3 years.

Piano Red was also known as Dr. Feelgood (not to be confused with the excellent London based band from the 70's of the same name whom, coincidentally got some love from us about a year ago in a video diary) but was born as Willie Lee Perryman in Georgia in 1911. There is more, but we are real busy so we are going to let Piano Red do the talking with his 88 keys pounding out Bouncin' With Red. Enjoy.

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