Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Song of the Week: "You Treated Me Bad", The JuJus

Listen -- The JuJus perform You Treated Me Bad.

Out of Grand Rapids Michigan, from 1965, we present to you The JuJus performing their original song, You Treated Me Bad. This was recorded for the local Fenton label run by a couple of electronics salesman who were looking for the next Beatles. Singer, guitarist and songwriter Ray Hummel and his bandmates put forth a beautiful effort. And, yes, those are his real vocals. This has not been sped up. I first heard this song off of the legendary Pebbles Vol 1. collection that came out some time around 1979. Enjoy.


  1. Like that intro chord progression - it has circular quality to it. Also gotta love the not one but two rhythm guitar solos. And I don't know if the winds of change had blown the Seeds that far by then, but parts of the song have a notable Pushin' to Hard feel.

  2. When you can't play single note leads, strum real fast.