Thursday, April 30, 2009

Original Song Project: "Boulder Bound", Morgan Young

Here is a little ditty I recorded this weekend while hanging with my kids in Goblin Valley, Utah. My daughter originally came up with the basic melody while singing about butterflies and bacon. Two things she really loves! I added a few flourishes to fill it out and changed the name from Pretty, Pretty Butterflies and Bacon to Boulder Bound, which we were at the time.

It's a one-track recording with no edits and employs a Gibson J-200 in open G tuning and a straight tuned Lee Oskar Harmonica in the key of G and that's all. It's a finger stretcher.

I hope you likey.


  1. I love this song. Beautiful melody (yay Olivia) and just the right amount of that lonesome harmonica. Really cool.

  2. That's real nice. I dig the basic chord structure, whatever it is, and the chord change at the break down, as you call it. I hear a different direction you could go with that break down, but perhaps that's for different road trip.

    Nice pod cast pic too. Where is it taken and is there a person in it?

  3. That pic was taken in Rocky Mountain National Park at about 13,200 feet. No peeps, but a few car lights can be seen in the far distance as the mid-day storm rolled in. (hint: you do NOT want to be at 13,200 feet -- well above the tree line -- when a thunderstorm suddenly forms 600 feet above your head.

  4. What a sweet ditty, i likey. I 'happened' upon it after dashing to the computer to look something up while trying to juggle the kiddos and cook dinner. I'll admit it was the photo that drew me in but after several loops of listening, Zela and I were dancing around the kitchen. It was a mood changer. You can't go wrong with a tune that puts a smile on your face and a sway in your spine, which is just what this one does for me. Thanks Morgan and Olivia for creating and sharing. Here's to bacon, butterflies and Boulder. Someday soon we shall come!

  5. Thanks for the nice comments. Happy dancing